Monday 25 February 2008

General news

Not often I blog on something quite so general and to keep your interest I do intend to do a major piece on SOA for business and management rather than just a the usual techie dimension. It just takes a while to get my thoughts in order to do it.

On a more general topic I have changed jobs. Having been an entrepreneur for the last 10 years I have decided that I wish to devote time and energy to doing what I can in a larger organisation but one that is fast enough moving that I can use my entrepreneurial skills in. To this end I am now working for Cognizant as the lead architect for their Advanced Solutions Practice in Europe. All very exciting stuff because these guys are really growing fast and that gives me a whole lot of problems based on methodology and technology support for it to focus on.

I'm still very much Pi4 Tech and still associated with Hattrick (non-exec on the board).

I'm looking forward to bringing the experiences from my new role at Cognizant into the blogsphere.

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