Friday, 21 November 2008

Some fun stuff

I lived and worked in the US from November 1985 to August 1987. During that time I probably learned more about IT than at any other time. I worked on some cool projects met some cool people and had a great time.

I spent many a Saturday night on the lower east side of Manhattan and small bar were I listen and generally lost myself to "Joey Miserable and Worms". See the link to the left.

Normally I blog on tech stuff but this time, for fun and in memory and affection of those times I leave you Joey Miserable and the worms and Worm Opus.


Anonymous said...

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Steve Ross-Talbot said...

Having looked harder at the aforementioned website I see nothing that interjects any formalism nor any model testing or analysis that can help to refine the SDLC or indeed to remove or mitigate ambiguity.

Looks like same-ol' same-ol' to me.

If there is something new and different perhaps web can point the way.

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