Thursday 18 June 2009

Defect Detection in Systems Integration Testing

Another short movie to illustrate a point. This time I want to move to the left brain side of the testable architecture methodology and deal with the issues that confront many of us on complex programmes.

The issue is one of defect detection, and I want to specifically highlight how we can use testable architecture in its current form (aka WS-CDL and the pi4soa tool-suite) to detect a system defect. The defect is categorised by a variation in the system wide (and so end-point specific) contract for the services. In this case we change the contract and update one of the services but not the other. It is a pretty typical problem that is hard to identify (although not impossible) during systems integration testing. What we do here is use the monitoring capabilities during the system integration testing to determine the root cause of the problem.

It is only but a short jump from here to full run time governance. And that is what Overlord is all about.



Heiko Braun said...

The video is too small. Can you point me to the source, so I can view it a a bigger format?

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