Sunday, 25 October 2009

The SOA Manifesto

Well we did it. We sat down for the best part of 3 days and turned around an SOA Manifesto. I shall blog further, as will my fellow signatories, but for now here are all of the authors blogs to make it easier for you to see what they have to say over and above the SOA Manifesto and of course for you to contribute too.

It is very flattering that the press have used the term "Industry Visionaries" to collectively name us. But we are really no different to many of you practitioners out there. What will make the SOA Manifesto valuable is use and feedback to hone it over time. So take a look comment away and keep us all in the loop. We shall be looking.....

The movie of the announcement is also available.


Steve T

In no particular order ....

Anne Thomas Manes
Stefan Tilkov
Dave Chappell
Brian Loesgen
Paul Brown
Mark Little
John deVadoss
Clemens Utschig-Utschig
Joe McKendrick Analyst
Ali Arsanjani

The others I shall add when I have their coordinated.


wmartinez said...

Hello Steve.
Thanks for your comment in my blog, and thanks for taking into account my humble notes.

Congrats you were able to agree. That is a hard thing to do, believe me.

On the Manifesto itself, I was expecting something else, actually. Not saying it is bad, just that I thought it was going to be more specific to SOA, Services, and some itches around them. I guess, reading also Stephan Tilkov notes, it is a result (cost) of agreement. There are voices saying the effort may not yield good results, but time will tell and it was sure not all people will like the end result. I personally think we will need a little more of agreement in some other things to really improve what it is done today.

Starting in my own backyard, I actually wrote a simple list of things in my blog, my own personal SOA manifesto, as an exercise of compiling what I do believe and teach. Maybe it is a good exercise for all SOA practitioners out there. To know where we are heading, we need to know where do we stand.



Steve Ross-Talbot said...


Thanks for the response.

It would be great if perhaps you and I could cross blog and align what you have produced with the manifesto. A challenge for sure but doable.

Send me your email coords and I shall work on it too. Mine are or