Monday 6 June 2011

Albertina Sisulu, Who Helped Lead Apartheid Fight, Dies at 92

Some of you may know that I am half South African. Born of an English/Irish father and a Cape Coloured Mother. I grew up in Dover in the days when racism in England was rife and I like many other suffered at the hands of it.

I started working with Anti-Apartheid organisation in the mid-1980's until we gained freedom and democracy in South Africa. In 1988 I was very luck to meet Ma Sisulu. Not too many people manage to silence me without doing anything but Ma Sisulu I was in complete awe of. I also met Lindwe who at that time as studying in the UK and I met Zwelakhe, who was the subject of one of the longest banning orders meted out by the apartheid regime.

Ma Sisulu for me is a true patriot for all that is fair and just. She was and will remain the mother of the Rainbow nation. And I feel honored to have met her and sad to see he passing.


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Sadekya Foundations said...

Its these men who have helped transform this century for the better.