Monday 6 March 2017

A Living Chronology on scaling micro-services

I decided to post this because I wanted to give more context to my previous blog entitled "Scaling micro-services with scribble types".

This chronology, which I kick off today, is all about the journey to solving some of the hardest problems in scaling stateful micro-services, of which the first entry in the chronology was that previous post. In the next entries I will chart the progress, describe the challenges along the way and how they get resolved. It so doing I plan to take input from anyone. The blog is one means of gathering suggestions, which if you do give any, I would like to share.

Having looked long and hard at the gap between practitioners and academics in this digital world and having looked at how we try to overcome and improve through lean and agile ways of working, I think that involving as many as I can will lead to better tangible results for some key academic gains in recent years. Foremost of these gains is session types, which derive from Robin Milners pi-calculus.

In effect we take session types, embodied in scribble and use scribble to help us implement just-in-time, behavioural serverless architectures that lower the cost of ownership, to help us write better collections of micro-services which work faster, to help to lower the cost of value delivered whilst increasing the quality of what get delivered, and to help us understand the processes that get enacted by micro-services on our behalf in real-time, which results in lower cost and higher volumes of business transactions.

There may well be many pitfalls ahead but thus far it is all looking good. I look forward to wider collaboration.

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