Tuesday, 29 September 2009

An Architecture Manifesto

Way back in 2004 a good friend of mine, Alexis Richardson, decided to convene a summit of architects. The summary of the event is below:

The Architects Summit is a one off event challenging a group of pragmatic and active technologists to formulate, document and publish a consensus view on requirements and best practice for software application platforms and development tools.

I cannot remember now how many turned up but it was well attended and amongst the participant Chris Swan and Hugh Grant were there, Rod Johnson was there, Matthew Rawlings, John Davies, Cameron Purdy and many others.

I was asked to co-chair with Alexis, presumably because chairing seems to be my thing amongst a diverse set of individuals and opinion.

The net result was certainly a stimulating debate but no manifesto was ever issued because we could not get agreement. In part this was because the camps divided into classic enterprise architects and guru-status technical architects. And never the twain can agree.

However, given the fashion for manifesto’s here is my own personal one which was done at that time and to which I still pretty well subscribe to.

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