Saturday, 5 September 2009


JBoss Community Launches Savara Project.

I guess it has been coming for sometime given the blog entries from both myself and Mark Little. Finally we have launched Savara. It is an open source community project the aim of which is to deliver to the open source user community and other interested parties a set of tools for developing end to end service oriented solutions (in the first instance) and general distributed solutions (in the second). It will embody Testable Architecture but much more. The key aim is to develop not just tooling but also methodologies to support its use that will focus upon the testabilility of artefacts at different levels of refinement to ensure provable alignment or correctness.

We expect this initiative to change the way in which we gather requirements, fashion solutions and deliver them as well as manage changes over time. And we expect to move ever closer to our (unattainable aim) of deliver it now, deliver it free and deliver it correctly which will remain our mantra to keep us focused.

The vision is broad, the time scales potentially long but we do expect benefits to be provided early and on a continual basis.

I am sure with Gary Brown (Red Hat) and Bhavish Kumar (Cognizant) co-chairing the initiative we can expect great results.

Take a look when you can and get involved regardless of you affiliation.

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